Chakra Cleansing and Balancing…

Balancing our energy centers (chakras) can support us in our lives in so many ways.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” referring to the various energy centers in the body. As we move through life we find ourselves at different places on the wheel so understanding the power we hold in each energy center teaches us where we get stuck. Energy blocks can keep us from feeling grounded, connected to our personal courage, expressing our creativity, following our heart, speaking our truth, listening to our inner voice, or connecting to our higher self.

It is through our five senses that we experience the world and each chakra bath is created to activate each of your nervous systems sensory organs; sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Taking time for ritual, to be still with ourselves fully (body, mind and spirit), is sacred. In today’s we are pulled in so many directions through technology and do not heed the call for renewal of spirit.

As we move through our final month of winter, Pisces dons us with the dance of light and water. We can feel the energy of the quickening waters ~ mixing past thoughts, sensations and feelings together as she inspires and illuminates our imaginations.

As we approach our gentle, watery, New Moon in Pisces (March 17th) followed by the Spring Equinox, a day balanced with light and dark (March 20th), I encourage you to work with the energy centers of balance, water and light. There is power to working with the energies that the Moon and seasons represent ~ and now is a beautiful time to work with your Root (balance), Sacral (water) and Third Eye (light) energy centers.

Here is what each chakra is teaching you:

Our Root Chakra  (Muldahara) is the Gateway of the Earth. This is the first chakra, your Life Force Center, located at the base of the spine. How do you connect with your physical body and feel about your presence here on earth? This is the energy center where we build our foundation for grounding, safety, security, stillness, courage, individuality and health, all needed for personal growth and transformation. When you stabilize the root chakra the rest of the chakras naturally come into a more balanced state ~ without a good foundation a structure does not have much to stand on and it is the same with the body. The color of this chakra is RED, the Element is EARTH, the Sound is LAM and the sense is SMELL. To connect to this energy center dance, go barefoot on the earth, clean your house to clear clutter and make space for the new, cook a meal or hug a tree!

Our Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) is the Gateway of the Moon. This is the second chakra located in the lower abdomen (just below the belly button). Home of creative and sexual energies. This is the center where you experience pleasure ~ so important in the development of your creativity, passions, joys and enthusiasm. It is where we learn the sacred masculine/feminine dance (yin-yang balance). This energy center, also known as the dwelling place of the self, brings fluidity to your life allowing you to accept change, be present to your creative juices, transform thoughts into action, and connect to your self-confidence and strengths. The color of this chakra is ORANGE, the Element is WATER, the Sound is VAM and the sense is TASTE. To connect to this chakra do something that brings you pleasure: play, create, and be sensual!

Our Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) is the Gateway to Liberation ~ to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness, I like to call it the gateway to Magical Inspiration! Known as the Intuitive Energy Center it is located at the brow between the eyebrows, near the pituitary gland, eyes and nose. This is where we hold our hopes, dreams and visions and learn to balance the physical and spiritual world within and around us. Opening this center helps you to separate the real from the imagined, the vital from the unimportant connecting you to your knowing. The color is INDIGO BLUE, the element is LIGHT, the sound is SHAM, and the sense is INTUITION. To connect to this chakra mediate, pray, believe in your visions, trust your own intuition ~ this is your moment ~ make it one you love to recall!

Connect with your body and the power of water, botanicals and crystals to cleanse, clear and enliven your chakras.  Your chakras are energy centers that you can tap into at anytime to teach you about the physical and spiritual body you live in. To connect with these centers will empower you to find your compassionate, passionate, courageous, powerful, sensual, divine, loving self!

I love the beauty and caring that comes between the moments of starting and ending the ceremony. Balance your chakras through this gentle ritual and take a step toward your own self-empowerment and healing in this present moment. Join me in a ceremony to activate each of your sensory organs; sight, smell, taste, touch and sound to connect you deeply to your energy centers.


Full Moon Magical Virgo


March 1st, we have the first of two full moons in March ~ another magical month. She reaches her fullness in Virgo tomorrow at 4:51 pm PST (7:51 pm EST`).  Native Americans called this Moon the Worm Moon as this is the time of the year when the earth begins to soften and the earthworms begin to make their way to the surface.

Full Moons are a time for releasing, letting go and recalibrating and joining this Virgo Full Moon we have a Venus-Jupiter trine that also adds a joy and optimism that can boost your confidence and faith ~ take notice your day tomorrow!

Under her fullness, Grandmother Moon is sitting in the first house and so it is a good time to be present to the way you enter a room and to what you leave behind when you leave the room.  It is also a good time to take a look at things from different directions to shift your perspective. Remember even small shifts can lead to big awakenings and healing.

Virgo Moons can open up our energy around our life paths and encourage us to bring our radiance out into the world to support healing for ourselves and others. This is a wonderful time to work with your Throat Chakra. Clearing the Throat Chakra helps you to have good, clear communication enabling you to express yourself authentically.

Full Moon Ceremony

Taking the time to create and share in ceremony/rituals under the Full Moon can be food for your soul. This is a time of the month when many women ovulate, symbolizing Purna energy, a time of fullness, expansiveness and productivity. Rituals/ceremonies deeply nourish our spirit and soul and afterwards, you will find that you are more clear and connected to your center.

Here is a simple chakra ceremony that you can use under this Virgo Moon ~


  • Start your day with a blueberry and coconut water smoothie ~ healing and energizing for your throat chakra with the healing blue color and cooling liquid.
    • Blend together blueberries, kefir, maca powder and a little cacao powder ~ top it off with your favorite toppings (roasted sunflower seeds, or bee pollen).


  • Prepare for your evening ceremony by gathering the following:
    • Music: I recommend downloading the Song: Dancing Through the Chakras by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati (you can find it online)
    • Pick out a Mandala Picture here & print it out on a heavy stock paper for coloring later;
    • Coloring pencils, water colors, markers or chalk for coloring your mandala;
    • Candles;
    • Sage
    • Gemstones (emerald, turquoise, aquamarine);
    • Lavender essential oil
    • Tea (Lavender tea is lovely!);
    • Blue or turquoise pajamas or something colored to wear while you dance, color and sleep!

Your Ceremony ~ you can do this in the evening or in the morning during the Full Moon ~

  • Find your space where you will be able to hold your ceremony (preferably somewhere you can experience the light of Grandmother Moon’s fullness) and create a small alter using your gemstones, candles, tarot cards and a blue, green or earth tone colored cloth or pictures.
  • Lay out your mandala paper and materials for coloring on your table/floor.
  • Light your sage and cleanse the room, yourself and your altar.
  • Light your candles and use the lavender oil on yourself and around the room to lightly permeate your senses and surroundings.
  • If you use tarot cards, draw a card to work with during your ceremony. One card is good as it can speak to you more clearly when you ask a clear and concise question.
  • Light your candles and turn out the lights ~ if not candles turn your lights down low or off if you feel so inclined so that you tune into your body fully.
  • Start your music and follow the dance through all your Chakra’s paying special attention to the Throat Chakra. When you are done ~ stop and take a deep breath. Take a few minutes feel your body and energy. Where is the energy moving? How do you feel? Notice your throat chakra.
  • Move to your space to create and color your mandala… stay connected to your body and the energy from the dance. If you are drawn to write ~ do! This is a great time to listen to what your body wants to share with you.
  • Make your tea and sip on your tea and write in your journal before bed.

Place your mandala somewhere that you will see it often during the next two weeks ~ for me, this is an important part of the healing power of ceremony. To bring it forward is how we hold onto the power and healing we experienced during the ceremony.

Here are a few questions to think about during your ceremony:

  • Have you ever taken time to contemplate what it means to express yourself authentically?
  • Do you take time to listen to others and yourself daily?
  • What words do you choose daily to speak out to the world?

Mother Earth is shifting into spring and we are shifting with her ~ feel the movement, be the movement. Catch her the Moonlight and follow the energy.

The month of March begins with a Full Moon in Virgo counterbalancing the mystical magic of the Pisces stellium that I wrote about a few days ago (read more here). With five planets in Pisces and Neptune figuring prominently in the chart of the Full Moon, the desire to transcend and melt into an experience of bliss and creative spirituality will be strong, with only the Virgo Moon to provide balance and order. Integrating polarities is an important part of any Full Moon since the Sun and Moon are always in opposite signs at that time. Here we are learning to find a balance between day to day life in a body (Virgo) and the creative inspiration of Pisces.

The opportunity for experiences that open the heart will be many with a trine from Venus in Pisces, which is already open and ready to achieve bliss, to Jupiter in Scorpio which as it prepares to turn retrograde later this month is at a standstill, beaming a laser light of expansion and confidence in our ability to passionately (Scorpio) embrace life and love (Venus) in all of its many forms and with all of the blemishes intact.

A harmonious trine from Saturn to the Moon helps to ground her earthiness amidst the mystical magic of the Pisces/Neptune influence.  This Full Moon asks that we align firmly with our bodies and find our center in the earth while allowing our hearts to open and swell with love and an acceptance of the bliss of divine connection.  Not an easy path, but one which will bring abundant blessings!

How Art and Creativity Can Have Health Benefits

We undertake creative pursuits such as writing, acting, drawing, or dancing simply because we enjoy them. Intuitively, we know that creativity is good for us, and our creative passions make us happy. But what does science have to say about the benefits of creativity?

Creative activities make us feel happier, and they’re a great outlet for emotions. But what are their other health benefits?

Some pursue creative activities as a hobby and some do it for a living, but no matter what road we’ve taken to unleash our imaginations and need for free self-expression, it’s pretty clear that making things is part and parcel of being human.

We have been creating since prehistoric times: more than 39,900 years ago, our ancestors left some of their first marks — the outlines of their hands and crude drawings of animals — on the walls of caves.

We could go as far as to say that our need to create things is in our blood; this has served us well over the course of time, as we have learned to create tools and shelters, cook food, make medicines for various ailments, and set bones.

Sometimes, however, we have created things just for the sake of it. It could be said, as Oscar Wilde infamously proclaimed in The Picture of Dorian Gray, that “all art is quite useless.” But is it, really? (I sometimes wish I could tap Mr. Wilde on the shoulder and ask him, “Well, if art is so useless, why did you write so assiduously?”)

Aside from any philosophical arguments that may be brought to the contrary, a lot of research in the medical field has actually suggested that art — and, more specifically, being creative — is, in fact, quite useful for our mental and physical well-being.

Below, we look at some of the benefits that creative endeavors — from writing to dancing — can bring us, and we encourage you to incorporate even more creativity into your own life.

Improved mental health

Drawing, painting, or molding objects from clay has been scientifically proven to help people to deal with different kinds of trauma. In a comprehensive article on The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health, Heather L. Stuckey and Jeremy Nobel say that “[a]rt helps people express experiences that are too difficult to put into words, such as a diagnosis of cancer.”

“[A]rtistic self-expression,” they continue, “might contribute to maintenance or reconstruction of a positive identity.”

A number of studies have also found that writing — expressive writing, in particular, which requires participants to narrate an event and explain how it affected them — can help people to overcome trauma and manage negative emotions.

In much the same way as visual expression, this type of writing allows people to take negative situations that cannot be changed and integrate them into their life’s story, creating meaning for events that left indelible marks — such as a medical diagnosis, a loved one’s death, or a violent experience.

One qualitative study that interviewed male survivors of childhood abuse found that asking them to write about their traumatic experiences allowed them — in conjunction with specialized trauma therapy — to make sense of the trauma in deeply personal ways.

‘Immediate impact’ vs. ‘long-term benefits’

Immediately after writing down one’s experiences, the writer might feel an increase in negative emotions as they recall bad incidents. However, the long-term effects are positive, said Karen A. Baikie and Kay Wilhelm, the authors of a review of studies that focused on expressive writing.

“The immediate impact of expressive writing is usually a short-term increase in distress, negative mood, and physical symptoms, and a decrease in positive mood compared with controls,” they write, adding:

However, at longer-term follow-up, many studies have continued to find evidence of health benefits in terms of objectively assessed outcomes, self-reported physical health outcomes, and self-reported emotional health outcomes.”

Expressive writing doesn’t just help with trauma and negative emotions. A 2001 study found that asking people to write about positive experiences and about “the best self” that they wanted to develop in the future was also associated with an increased sense of psychological well-being.

Similar effects were noted in a later study that asked participants to write about “intensely positive experiences.”

Brain-boosting effects

Speaking of writing, research has also shown that writing down things down can help with learning and memorization.

However, if you take the shortcut and type the ideas that you want to remember, that won’t actually do you much good. If you want to learn more efficiently, researchers say that you have to go old-fashioned and put pen to paper.

Putting pen to paper can help us to learn faster. 

But writing isn’t the only path to a better brain. Albert Einstein reportedly said that music was so much a part of his life that if he hadn’t been a physicist, he would certainly have evolved into a musician.

Well, it does appear that making music can have a significant impact on how well different areas of our brains communicate with each other.

review published in 2014 suggests that individuals with musical training — such as those who learned how to play an instrument — have improved connectivity between the two hemispheres of their brains.

Another creative pursuit that improves our cognition is play-acting. A study from 2004 found that older individuals who were encouraged to participate in theater performances had improved psychological well-being after 4 weeks. They also exhibited better cognitive functioning.

In particular, the participants experienced better word and listening recall, as well as improved problem-solving abilities.

Physical health benefits

“Studies have shown that […] individuals who have written about their own traumatic experiences exhibit statistically significant improvements in various measures of physical health, reductions in visits to physicians, and better immune system functioning,” write Stuckey and Nobel.

randomized trial that involved people undergoing HIV treatment showed that expressive writing helped participants to boost their immune system.

While it is unclear why people who wrote about their experiences on a regular basis exhibited an increased CD4+ lymphocyte count.

Both writing and listening to music have been linked to an improved immune system response.

CD4+ lymphocytes are key to the functioning of the immune system, and they are one of the main targets of the immunodeficiency virus.

Writing was also seen to help with chronic pain management. People dealing with conditions that made them experience chronic pain had improved pain control plus a decline in pain severity after expressing angry feelings in written form over a period of 9 weeks.

Music therapy has immune system-boosting effects, as well. Music affects our brains in complex ways, stimulating the limbic system and moderating our response to stressful stimuli.

According to Stuckey and Nobel, listening to music “may help to restore effective functioning in the immune system partly via the actions of the amygdala and hypothalamus.” These brain regions are implicated in mood regulation and hormonal processes, as well as in the body’s inflammatory response.

Dance and the body

Creativity can also be a very mobile endeavor, and this mobility brings its own set of benefits. For instance, a study focusing on breast cancer survivors found that dancing helped to improve shoulder function in participants and that it had a positive impact on their body image.

Moreover, dancing can be a fun way of staying — or becoming — fit. In 2014, a woman who lost 100 pounds just by sticking to her dance routine became a media sensation.

Recent research has shown that Zumba programs can improve blood pressure and triglyceride levels, while previous studies linked aerobic dance with better weight management.

A Korean study from 2007 that looked at hip-hop alongside aerobic dancing found that participants not only experienced improved psychological moods but that they also reported lower levels of fatigue.

“Invention, it must be humbly admitted,” wrote Mary Shelley in her introduction to Frankenstein, “does not exist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.”

From 1818 — when Shelley’s novel was first published — to the present day (and well before that, and well beyond now) creativity has been the ultimate means of reigning chaos in and drawing benefit out of it.

So, if we can bring some order to our mental or physical states just by journaling, smudging paint, or learning to play the guitar, why not take advantage of that and welcome more art into our lives?

Dark Moon in Aquarius ~ A Partial Solar Eclipse

Today we have a New Moon in Aquarius at 1:05 pm PST (4:05 pm EST) with a partial solar eclipse (which although not as strong as a full eclipse it will still pull on you so best not to make big or new decisions today). We are moving through February with no Full Moon and that my friends, is something I have not written about before! With February sandwiched between two months of Blue Moons (yes, we will see two Full Moons in March as we did in January) we can look to this Moon as an awesome time to deeply seed intentions and watch them find stability and grow strong over these next weeks and months.

This week has a lot going on alongside of this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse with yesterday being Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday and tomorrow starting the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. Aquarius is an air element, sharing her energy of knowing as she inspires us to connect to our power of vision or innovative ideas ~ a time to remember you are a light! Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of revolutionary vision ~ giving us the ability to visualize new possibilities, YES!

Tomorrow, February 16th, we move into the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog, a year where our successes our gained through justice and honesty ~ values that are grounding. Dogs are loyal, honest and trustworthy and the earth element enriches her character by adding stability ~ we can all use this stable, reliable energy this year.

So let us do a simple ceremony to draw down the new moon energies ~ using our hands to create and bring those intentions into our body reminding us of where we want to focus our attention to bring our thoughtful intentions to fruition!

Sweetgrass Talisman


  • Collect the following:
    • Sweetgrass braid
    • Beads
    • Ribbon
    • Permanent marker for writing
    • String
    • Your intention
  • Place your into a bowl of water and let it sit for 30 minutes or more ~ if you like you can add some essential oils to the water (Myrrh is nice for the nervous system or Geranium for soothing and calming the mind or delicious Neroli!)
  • While your sweetgrass is soaking take a few minutes to open your ceremony with sound, or fire (candle) or a few minutes of meditation to gather your intention and energy. I love to start by lighting candles and then drawing a tarot card to center and bring my intention into my energy field with symbols and words ~ however you like to start your ritual do it!
  • Drain the water and pat your sweetgrass dry with a paper towel
  • Choose two strands to work with and try to find ones that are the same length and have more than one strand at the end (i.e. the start thick at the top with one strand, but break into two or three strands before you reach the end).
  • Take your sweetgrass and string a few beads onto the strands ~ you can use clay, gemstone or any beads you have that can bring your intention forward! use the ones that are shorter or the longest depending on where you want to have the beads landing in your braid. Once you have them where you want them, tie a small know around them (this is why it is important to wet the sweetgrass so that it is pliable and does not break).
  • Next, take your ribbon and write or draw your intention onto the ribbon ~ depending on the ribbon you use you can write on one side or both sides.
  • Once you are done writing your intention and adding all your beads take the ribbon and the two strands of sweetgrass and tie them together at the top with your string. Tie it tight so that it does not come apart once you start braiding them all together.
  • Braid your three strands ~ one ribbon and two sweetgrasses. You can have someone hold one end of the string while you braid or place the braid between your feet holding it with your big toes (!) and braid it ~ you will find the way that works best for you.
  • Once you get close to the bottom of the strands ~ tie another string to hold it together.
  • Now hang it in your room or somewhere in your house, car, etc to keep your intention rolling through you and your thoughts until the next Full Moon or until you feel it coming to fruition. Say the words you wrote as well as think them ~ it will be a magical two weeks!

Keeping our energy moving with thought and symbols is a way to become a creative influence in our lives and others. Keep your vision clear and know that your possibilities are infinite.

Flowers For Dyeing

The flower garden provides an abundant supply of natural dyes. Leaves and flowers of many of our most beautiful flowers also are suitable for coloring wool or cotton. Good recipes and instructions for dyeing yarn and cloth are available in many books. Including mordants, such as chrome or alum, when you dye will not only fix the colors but will bring out sharper, brighter shades.

We created a pdf file for this post because of the largeness of the content; I sincerely hope this works. Our first time creating with Google Docs!

Flowers For Dyeing

flower color wheel